With the exception of the final each match is to be played by a specified date over 18 holes with the name at the top of the draw deemed to be the ‘home’ player. The preferable option is for the match to be played at the ‘home’ player’s club although if the ‘home’ player is not a member of a golf club, then he can either find a suitable neutral venue to play the match or agree to play the match at his opponent’s club (assuming your opponent is a club member).

It will also be the ‘home’ player’s responsibility to contact his opponent as early as possible and suggest a minimum of three possible dates. If matches are not played by the dates specified to meet the round deadlines the player who has failed to accept the proposed dates will forfeit the match. Any disputes will be settled by the Hon. Secretary! Following new R & A recommendations for matchplay competitions it has been decided that the higher handicap player will receive shots equivalent to the FULL DIFFERENCE between the two handicaps