Pleased to report on our most successful Brent Knoll Bowl performance for many years.

On Saturday morning we played the Army who we were told had brought a very strong team.  Our second pair of Martin Riddiford and Matthew Hansford played very well but went down to a scratch and plus 2 pair at the 17th.  Craig Moore and I eventually got ahead to win 2/1 despite the opposition chipping in and having a hole in one.  This left our top pair of James Boyle and Giles Pickford to battle out a hard fought game with a win down the 3rd extra hole (the 17th) after a superb tee shot from Giles.

In the afternoon we were up against the Navy.  Giles and James again played superbly to win at top pair.  It then came down to Craig and I.  We should have won at 18 when the opposition went through the back only to see the ball come back 20 yards off the 1st tee marker!.  Up the 19th we went and a birdie 3 secured the win.

On Sunday morning we were up against the RAF!  We didn’t play as well as in the first two matches and went down 3-0.


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